How to enjoy your trips more

This one seems probably funny. Of course, you are enjoying traveling. Otherwise, you would not do it, right? But sometimes you maybe feel that you didn’t see enough. You don’t have as perfect pictures as your favorite traveler. Or your holiday changed into disaster after your luggage got lost…

Try to breathe through disasters

We are not able to control everything in everyday life. And while traveling it is even more obvious. You could not stop that train from having 2 hours delay. The only ATM in town is out of order? Whale watching trip is postponed because of bad weather but you can’t stay till the next day? Your luggage got lost, and now you own just a pair of jeans, shirt, hoodie, shoes, and your wallet? Yeah, shoot happens. You can freak out. You can cry, and scream, and fight. But in the end, there is usually only one thing you can do. Take a deep breath, and try to look at the problem from the other side. Or from the top, if the other side is still messed up. Or from the behind.

You won’t be able to get to the town with your hotel tonight? Try other means of transport. Try to hitchhike, try to ask people. Cancel it and stay where you are. Try Couchsurfing. Sleep on the beach. Make it an adventure.

Did you lose all your things? Go to the charity shop or secondhand shop and get unnecessary things to get by. Write on a local Facebook page, and ask for help. You would be surprised how kind people actually are.

After all, things could get worse. Once, I had to spend a night in Stockholm at the beginning of winter, without money, and not in winter clothes. I ended up sitting in McDonald’s, but guess what? It closes at 2 AM. No non-stop pubs around, nothing. Only snow storm. Now it is one of my favorite stories. You will get through it. It will make you stronger. And you will end up with an amazing story to tell.

Avoid crowds

If you wake up early, not only your day is much longer but also you can enjoy major sites almost alone. And it is a perfect time to take pictures, morning light is much better anyway. The best time in Rome was when we arrived in the town at 6 AM. All the major sites just to ourselves. I was so happy when we finished our Colosseum tour (it was the first one in the morning) and I saw all those people everywhere. And it started to be too hot anyway.

Do not try to cover everything

Of course, you want to see as much as possible, especially if you have only a couple of days. But try to pick the most important things for you to see and then enjoy them. Slow down, take your time. Have coffee in the morning, sit in a park. Observe the locals. Try to soak the atmosphere of the place in.

Eat like locals

Food is a part of the foreign culture, and also of your experience. Don’t be scared to try local food, do not avoid those stands around the street. Do you like fried something (whatever it could be) they are selling? Try it! Go to local markets. Pay attention to what are they selling, and what are locals buying. I like to buy small things here and there, and then make a picnic in a park or somewhere with a nice view.

Look around, not just through your camera

By all means, take pictures. Take lots of them, and do not forget to take also pictures of you. But also, look around. I see it way too often while traveling. People are just chasing pictures and selfies. It feels like it doesn’t matter if you have seen it if you don’t have selfie as proof. Wait for the best spot for a selfie. Take a selfie. Twice, just to make sure its right. And move to a different spot to take another. Instead, try to appreciate what you see, try to enjoy the moment.

Get lost

This one is my favorite. While exploring any town or city, I don’t use maps. It is much better just to blend in and get lost. Every place is built in a certain way, all the streets lead somewhere, and you will soon find out that you discovered a place you would completely miss otherwise. Do not worry about getting somewhere dangerous, trust me, you would notice the neighborhood is changing or locals would warn you.

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