How to travel around Europe

This one is easy, right? All you have to do is get on a plane and in a couple of hours max you are in your dream destination. Well, you are right. But sometimes you want to do things differently. Sometimes, you are traveling because of traveling, not because you are trying to get somewhere. This is the list of things I did to get somewhere I wanted to. Feel free to get inspired.


We are starting with the most obvious one. It is also the fastest, at least if you need to move far away. I don’t want to say its the most expensive one, because it is not always true. Low-cost flights are pretty common in Europe, and my trips Stockholm to Rome (12€), Rome to Malta (19€), Stockholm to Reykjavík (45€), Prague to London (25€) are just some proofs. But you need to be flexible, travel without luggage, and of course, have some good luck.


The train system in Europe is pretty developed. Of course, some countries depend on trains more than others. But still, moving around Europe on the train is an interesting experience, and if you are a big fan of trains, go for it! You can plan a round trip around Europe by train, only the cost is not going to be as pleasing. And planning such a trip is not as easy as just a few clicks when you are looking for plane tickets. I went from Prague to Krakow and then to Bratislava without major problems, and I paid around 150€. But if you don’t mind spending hours in the train and changing it several times, it is an interesting experience.


There are several bus companies going around Europe. They often offer discounted tickets. Especially during summer. This is probably more straightforward then train, and you don’t need to change bus as often (or at all). I have experience with Regiojet, Flix bus, Megabus, Eurolines, and Terravision. You can find very cheap fares, and it is a good equivalent to traveling by train. You can get for example from Warsaw to Kyiv for as little as 16€, or from Paris to Amsterdam for 15€.


Carpooling is relatively new in Europe. It is usually a little more expensive than buses but also much more comfortable. Check out BlaBlaCar. All you have to do is to find someone going in the same direction as you and contact them. I used carpooling on my way from Switzerland to the Czech Republic, and it was a joyful ride. But of course, you can experience many awkward moments too.


I do not recommend hitchhiking, especially if you are an alone girl. I do it myself, and nothing really ever happened to me. But it is a risk, and before you do it, you need to think about all the pros and cons. Nonetheless, hitchhiking in Europe is quite easy and overall safe. Do not hitchhike on motorways and highways, that is illegal and very dangerous but smaller roads are open to you. My friends hitchhike around Europe every summer, and they are coming back with amazing stories every time. If you don’t need to know where are you sleeping tonight, hitchhiking is for you. I like little more certainty though.


Renting a car is a great way to explore. Especially if you are traveling with a group of friends. It means freedom. You can go anywhere, you don’t need to follow any timetables. The only problem is that mostly you need a credit card to rent a car. I am not saying it is not possible to find rental company accepting debit cards but it’s going to be more work, and it is going to be much more expensive. Also, check your company’s policy about leaving the country of origin in their car.

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