The biggest polluter of the oceans

Our planet is called Blue Planet. And for a good reason. The bigger part of it is water. But lately, it seems we will have to change the name to the Plastic Planet. Or better, Yellow Planet.

Even though everyone already heard about the bad influence of plastic straws and shopping bags, there is something worse lurking in the deep blue waters of our oceans. And not only there, of course. Believe it or not, I am talking about cigarette butts.

Cigarette butts in the main role

Smoking of cigarettes became the most acceptable usage of drugs worldwide. And also it is the most acceptable way to openly litter. We all know that those butts do not always end up in the bin. We all saw movies with sexy, hard men flicking the rest of finished cigarette somewhere in the darkness. But when the sun goes up the next day we will end up with nothing but cigarette butts.

And what is worse, those filters are full of plastic and toxins. And all this mess ends up in the oceans, poisoning all its inhabitants.

Dangerous butts

The filters started to gain popularity in the 1950s as a healthier alternative to unfiltered cigarettes. Unfortunately, it was proven the filters don’t have a desirable effect, and they are full of plastic, and often also toxic chemicals.

Ban on filters

This all has an impact on the ocean. Around the world, people are fighting to smoke in public places, and I would say they are successful. Nonetheless, we are about to fight a much harder battle. People weren’t so keen to get rid of their plastic straws but imagine telling them no more cigarettes with filters.

For example, The Cigarette Butt Pollution Project hopes to ban filters from cellulose acetate, resilient plastic taking even ten years to decompose, according to NBC. Hopefully, with a combination of a ban on filtered cigarettes and fines for littering we will be able to improve the situation tremendously.

Luckily, even big corporations don’t want to be held responsible for this waste, and they are trying to develop some safer alternative. Safer for both, people and nature. Even though the legislation for the ban of cigarettes butts has to still pass, the discussion around pollution and greener alternatives will surely bring some move for the better.

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